BIBO filter & Safe Change Polish Filter housing

BIBO Water Filter Replacement

The HEPA Seal Bag In/Bag Out housings are designed to protect facility personnel and the general public from Toxic & Hazardous materials. The filters that have to replace contains the Contaminants. The bagging method of changing a filter is not foolpro of BIBO Water Filter Replacement is the safest practical method available for changing contaminated filter. The Bag In/Bag Out system having side access to air filter housing to hold gasket seal filters. It is an all-welded equipment designed for critical clean air applications.

BIBO filter & Safe Change Polish Filter housing

Features & Benefits​


This Bag In/Bag Outside access filter housing is designed for and useful forthe following applications:


BIBO filter & Safe Change Polish Filter housing manufacturer

We are the leading producer of Bibo filter and safe change polish filter, made with a versatile modular system, robust construction, and self-adjusting filter mechanism. Bibo safe change polish filter is widely used in hospital, pharmaceuticals, safety laboratories, chemical industries, and biotechs. BIBO Water Filter Replacement provide a filter-free of contaminations. Safe Change Polish Filter housings have a separate safe change facility for each filter, the PVC bag is secured onto it utilizing a rubber locking ring, and it can be fitted with a wide range of molecular filters. The Bibo safe change polish filters have gone through the possible quality checkups, provides mechanical resistance to high/low pressure, and has great service life. Clients can avail this product at cost effective prices.

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