Cartridge filter Systems

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The cartridge filters are most commonly used for filtration of water, chemicals to remove all forms of Particles & other impurities. The cartridge filters are used to purify liquids, solvents, and water; it is designed to remove submicron particulates up to the size of 0.1 to 500 micron. There are two kinds of cartridge filter. Cleanable & reusable type and disposable type. Cleanable type filter cartridge can be used with in place backwash / external cleaning while disposable type filters are use and throw type.  Cartridge filter systems are available with wide range of material of construction and with different end connection like TC clamp fitting, Union, eye bolt fitting. Sanitary design filter housings are available with quick opening tri-clover clamps or ASA flanged nozzles. Cartridge filter systems are also available with non metallic option using ETFE/FEP/PFA/PP coating and lining. Cartridge filters are also available with duplex type with one working and one standby unit. Cartridge filter systems also available with self cleaning type filters where we can clean filter without opening / stopping production.

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