Disposable Filter Cartridges

We are No.1 Disposable Filter Cartridges Exporter 

Disposable cartridges filters are a simple and typically lightweight filter element manufactured from a variety of materials and can cater to a wide range of filtration requirements. These consumable filters are placed inside pressure vessel housing and the liquid flows through the filter material. Cartridge filters can be composed of a number for materials. Some may be made from wound strands of a material such as polypropylene. Disposable filter cartridges are coming with nominal & absolute ratings.

The nominal rating refers to a filter that is able of cutting off a nominated minimum percentage by weight of solid particles of a specific contaminant greater than a stated micron size, normally expressed in micrometers (mm). For example, 90% of 10 micron.

Absolute Filter has an absolute pore size which means that no particle of equal Size or larger than the absolutely rated size can pass through the filter. These filters are efficient in retaining one hundred percent of particulates like bacteria that are larger than the rated size.

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