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HEPA Filter Panels Manufacturer

HEPA filters are made from water resistant, Fire retardant micro fine glass fibre media in Panel Shape or Cartridge shape. These filters being highly efficient filters are mainly used in Healthcare industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Food and Beverages industries, Electronics and Semiconductor industries. Hepa Filters are intended to meet requirements of very fine filtration up to 0.3 micron at high efficiency of 99.99 %. We have further a new feature in conventional Hepa Filters by utilize spun bonded polyester media which is easy to clean and uphold.

HEPA Filters are largely carry in use number of commercial applications, and additional these are also used for the medical purposes, as well as in the high-tech industries such as aerospace accompany by the included circuit manufacturing. separately from these are also used in the automobile as well as in the aircraft industries. If we expand HEPA, then it be clarify as the high-efficiency particulate air which is a kind of mechanical air filter that works by forcing the air during a very fine mesh which traps the harmful particles like pollen, dust mites, pet dander,  and also tobacco smoke. One can simply find the HEPA filter machine in mainly of the air purifiers.

HEPA Filter Panels & cartridges
Hepa Filters Manufacturers

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HEPA Filter Panels & cartridges

We are the leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of HEPA filter panels and cartridges. HEPA filter panels and cartridges are made from synthetic bonded media in the pleated form to retain particles up to 1 micron. HEPA filter panels and cartridges come with huge mechanical stability, wide flexibility, and easy installation. HEPA filter panels and cartridges are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, microbiology, and nuclear technologies. HEPA filter panels and cartridges come with coatings like PTFE coating, PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge Manufacturer for better dust releasing.  HEPA filter panels and cartridges are resistant to moisture & oil content. We manufacture these products by using quality tested raw materials and provide them at reasonable rates.

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