Magnetic Filters for Liquids

Magnetic Filters – for the Filtration of Iron dirtiness from Liquid

Magnetic filters for liquids and powders

TFI Filtration UK Ltd. is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of magnetic filters for liquids. Magnetic filtration is a technique that eliminates iron particles from products that are in liquid or slurry form. It is a technique that can be utilized in nearly any environment where ferrous para- magnetic and grinding medium contamination is a problem. Magnetic filters make this type of filtration simple and effective. The powerful neodymium magnetic strips of the filter are placed in the center (in-line) of the output current. This makes sure optimal magnetic contact, so even the smallest ferrous particles are optimally eliminated. They are utilized in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others.

  • High – intensity magnets eliminate virtually all particles and clean fluid continues uninterrupted.
  • Once full, the contamination is eliminated from the magnet and can be recycled with minimum fluid loss.
  • Patented magnetic design means that the filter will not block, so there is no blinding or pressure build up.

Our specially designed magnetic filter has long life and vigorous design to get more clean material by eliminating all the impurities. For the elimination of low magnetic particles or oxidized iron, a system with high- intensity rare earth magnets is recommended. Magnetic filters work with the utilization of high- intensity filer magnets. The filter is installed in the preferred location along the path of the liquid. The flow is coordinated around the attractive field made by the focused energy filter magnets and any ferrous particles are caught in an magnetic snare. The filter would then be able to be eliminated, the caught particles washed away from the filter, and the channel reused.

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