Sintered Multilayer Mesh Filter Cartridges

Sintered Multi Layer Filter Cartridge

Sintered multi layered mesh filter cartridges are manufactured from a various Wire-mesh Layers Pressed together and sintered at nearly 10000C Temperature to have rigid pore structure with Quantum of porosity under controlled environment. They are resistant to bacterial attack and compatible with a wide range of Chemicals. The Sintered Multi Layer Filter Cartridge has a limited porosity of 30% and thickness of 1.7 mm and hasself-strength to get the cylindrical shape cartridges of required dimensions. Sintered mesh filter cartridges are made from multi-layers sintered wire mesh, usually 5-layer stainless steel wire mesh. Our sintered filter cartridges has extra strong structure, fine permeability and perfect filter precision, easy back wash cleaning. 

Sintered Multilayer Mesh Filter Cartridges

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Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc Exporter in Qatar

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of fine quality sintered multi layer filter cartridges, made from sintered wire meshes. It consists of great strength, fine permeability, accurate filter precision, and easy back wash cleaning. Sintered multi layer mesh filter cartridges are highly resistant to heat pressure, high temperature, and corrosion. Sintered multi layer mesh filter cartridges are used for liquid and gas filtration, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical fiber filtration, food and beverage, oil and gas filtration and many more. Multi layered mesh filter provides absolute filtration efficiency. We use quality tested materials in our product and make changes as per the requirements of our clients. We provide best quality products at cost effective price and that’s the main reason for being the first priority of Clients.

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