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Y Type Strainer Manufacturers

Simply stated, a strainer is also a filter, however, it uses a perforated plate or screen mesh to remove larger particles from a process stream. The major advantage of a Strainer is that it is reusable. With reasonably lower capital &operational cost. There are three levels of strainers-coarse, medium & fine. The industrial Y strainers offer by us is accuracy engineered and are suitable for various industrial usages. Our strainers provide good adaptability and flawless performance. Our Y type strainers are made with S.S. filter element of perforated sheet and wire mesh as per the customer’s detailed demands. These filter elements are simply removable.

Basket Type Strainer in Qatar
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Y Type Strainer Manufacturers

We are the leading manufacturers and supplier of Y” Type, “T” Type & Basket Strainers. We provide a wide range of Y and T type strainers made from stringently tested raw materials, have passed from several parameters as per the requirement of clients. Y and T type basket strainer is used in the removal of particulate matter from pipelines and protects the pump, meter, valve, and other similar mechanical equipment. Y and T-type basket strainers have a large filtration area for the clearance of fine wire meshes. We supply trusted reliable, durable products and can be customized as per the requirements of the client, and we offer these products at cost-effective prices and in an assured time frame.

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