Dust Collector Filter Cartridges & Bags

Dust Collector Filter Bags

A  cartridge dust collector is a prevalent dust collector used Instead of cylindrical filter bag. Dust Collector Filter Bags are widely used in the field of dust collection system. These bags are made up of 100 % spun bonded polyester media with different coatings on it, as per requirement of the applications. This spun bonded media are pleated in different depths & heights to accommodate desired filtration area. Spun bonded filter media offers surface filtration, due to which pleated Cartridge offer very high throughput & lower pressure drop across the filter compared to any conventional tube type filter bags. Pleated configuration offers almost 3 – 4 times higher filtration area compared to other conventional bags.

Dust Collector Filter Cartridges & Bags
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Dust Collector Filter Cartridges & Bags Exporter in Birmingham, UK

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of dust collector filter cartridges and bags. Made from fine quality tested raw materials. Dust collector filter cartridge is used in the collection of a full range of dust, fume, and mist particles. The filter cartridge is well known for retention of fineness, agglomeration, oil content, and moisture dust are all important parameters for filter media selection. Dust collector filter cartridges are highly efficient in capturing submicron dust particles, having long-lasting service life, low energy requirement.  We provide Premium quality filter cartridges that can fit any dust collector. Dust collector filter cartridges and bags are available at affordable prices.

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