Woven Filter Media

TFI offer Wide range of Filter Fabrics through Needle Punch technology & Weaving technology. Our Filter fabrics are used widely for different application for filtration of air, Liquid and Dust. Non-woven filter fabrics made of PP, Polyester, Glass fiber, Cotton, Satin, Viscose etc. are most suitable for Pre filter Applications in Control panels etc. Woven filter cloths are used in Filter press, Pulverizer, Vacuum Drum, Vacuum Belt & Rotary drum filter systems for effective cake release & clear fluid processing. 

“TFI” provides a broad range of woven filter media to filter liquids and solid liquid separation. In addition, it also make sure powder material classification. Woven filter media is generally available in a range of materials from Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon and acrylic fibers. It is accessible in two varieties.

Multifilament Woven Filter Media: Multifilament woven filter medias are utilize in a range of processes such as filter press, rotary drum filter, vacuum drum filters, fluidized bed drier, disc filters, pan filters, centrifuges and decanters.

Monofilament Woven Filter Media: Monofilament Woven filter medias are utilize in classifiers, de-dusting filters also flour milling shifters.

Non-Woven Filter Media

“TFI” suggest a huge range of Non Woven filter media in 2100mm width. It is identified as filter paper for coolant filtration in metal working industries. It is utilized for grinding, honing, machining, rolling, drawing operations and DM water chips cutting plants. It is also used in gravity band, Hydrostatic head filtration systems, compact band, Vacuum band, etc. In addition, it is accessible for effective filtration from 50 – 1 micron. It is furthermore used in sparkler filters as it is available in a variety of GSM.

Non Woven & Woven Filter Media Exporter in UK, US, Qatar, Baharain
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Best Non Woven & Woven Filter Media in England, UK

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Non-woven and woven filter media. Non-woven and woven filter media is used to remove ultrafine dust particles, aerosols, and viable organisms to meet the highest requirements for the cleanliness of the air in a wide range of applications such as clean rooms, hospitals, microelectronics, optical and precision industries, pharmaceuticals, and food industries. Non-woven and woven filter media are used to filter out micro-fine solid particles passing through them. Woven filter media consist of two-dimensional structures, whereas non-woven filter media consist of three-dimensional structures for filtration. Non- woven and woven filter media has great filtration capacity, high permeability, less blinding tendency, no limitation for thickness, high production capacity, and much more. We manufacture non-woven and woven filter media with the best quality raw materials and provide them at reasonable prices.

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