Sintered SS 316L Non-Woven fiber filter cartridges

Sintered SS 316L Non-Woven Fiber Filter Cartridges

Sintered SS 316L Non woven fiber media is manufactured from Bundle drawn SS 316L Fibers. Fibers are Cut to specific Length & Compressed at High pressure followed by High Temperature sintering is Furnace bringing Excellent Porosity and Strength at Very high Operating & differential pressure. The Sintered Non-Woven fiber Media has a maximum porosity of 80 % and thickness of 0.6 mm-to -1.0 mm and can be converted to cylindrical or pleated shape filter cartridges of required diameter & length with required filtration area.Nonwoven filter media in their simplest form are casual fiber structures, typically in sheet form, that are used to separate one or more phases from a moving fluid passing during the media.

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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of sintered SS 316L Non-woven fiber filter cartridges. These Non-woven fiber filter cartridges are made from fine sintered 316L stainless steel fiber in high temperatures. The product possesses great holding capacity, huge filter area, great strength, can work continuously, and is widely used in Polymer filtration, Petrochemical, Oil refining process filtration, Adhesive filtration, Vacuum pump protection filter, Filter membrane support body, catalyst carrier, automobile airbag, aircraft ship fuel filtration, hydraulic system filtration and much more. With such outstanding features it is in great demand.

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