Pleated paper air,oil,fuel filter cartridges

Pleated Filter Cartridge

Pleated paper filter cartridges are excellent for removing solid contaminants such as Rust, Dirt, Scale, Granular and Other types of solids from fuels. Media with high efficiencies throughout the life of the cartridges are available for the automobile market in ratings of 0.5 to 50 microns with nominal rating. TFI pleated paper filter cartridges are manufactured from a variety of natural and synthetic fibres bonded using various resins to provide excellent filtration and solids holding capacity.

PP pleated cartridge filters offer outstanding filtration effectiveness and chemical compatibility across a wide range of liquid filtration process applications.

The organization of nominal PP pleated filter cartridges support thermal welding techniques to seal all components, so no side escape happen, thus optimizing 100% reliability of PP pleated cartridge. PP pleated filter cartridges have large external area that allows superior system flow rate and higher dirt holding capacity than depth filters. PP pleated cartridges are extensively used in prefiltration field requiring high purity.

PP Pleated Filter Cartridge in Jidd-Hafs, Bahrain
Pleated Filter Cartridge in Riffa, Baharain

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Pleated Filter Cartridge in Al-Rayyan, Qatar


We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Pleated paper air, oil, fuel filter cartridges. Pleated paper air, oil, fuel filter cartridges are highly efficient in the removal of solid contaminants such as rust, dirt, scale, granular and other Type of solids from fuel. Pleated paper cartridges have excellent dirt holding capacities, long-lasting service life, efficient to work under low and high-pressure drops. A pleated paper filter cartridge is made by using quality synthetic and natural fibers. An efficient pleated filter cartridge enables you to have Abutting folds easily separated from ribbons, threads, tapes, strips of the medium, or even the continuous beads. Pleated paper filter cartridges consist of twice the pleated filter paper as in the deep pleat. Pleated paper filter cartridges are made using the best quality raw materials and we offer these at affordable cost with assurance.

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