Porous Ceramic Filter Cartridges

Porous Ceramic Filter Cartridges

Porous Ceramic filter cartridges are manufactured from combination of Aluminum, Magnesium & Silicon Oxides. Ceramics are resistant to acidic & alkaline fluids and compatible with a wide range of Chemicals & Solvents. Ceramic Filter Cartridges are having High Temperature resistance & Excellent Corrosion Resistance. The Porous Ceramic filter cartridges are having limited porosity of 40% and thickness of 10, 15, 20mm and have self-strength to get the cylindrical shape cartridges of Specified diameter & length. Porous Ceramic Filter offered by our company, can effectively remove large enclosure in aluminum liquid and adsorb micron-sized fine enclosure particles to improve surface quality, recover product performance, improve microstructure and recover yield. PTFE Absolute rated membrane cartridges are extremely retentive hydrophobic or hydrophilic membrane filters that have been specifically designed for important applications. “TFI” offer special micro porous ceramic filter cartridges contain alumina binders that impart outstanding chemical compatibility having different acids as well as forceful chemicals. These cartridges are redeveloping by back washing using oven drying.

Porous Ceramic Filter Cartridges

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High Temperature Ceramic Gas Filter Exporter in England, UK

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of porous ceramic filter cartridges, made by combining aluminum, magnesium and silicon oxides.  These filter cartridges are resistant to heat and low pressures, bacterial attacks, and corrosion, and can be used with wide range of chemicals. Porous ceramic filter cartridges are well known for their great durability and long lasting service life. Porous ceramic filter cartridges are used in hot gas filtration, compressed air filtration, coalescing filtration, re-coat filtration, process filtration, fume filtration, cohesive fluids, and water filtration etc. We manufacture products with superior quality raw materials, clients are highly satisfied with our products as we provide cost effective products within the assured time frame.

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