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The horizontal sparkler type filter is the most versatile filtration system for solid – liquid separation. Used with the help of filter aids for giving a sparkling effect to the liquids. Sparkler filter Press is available in different output capacities with a variety of pumps to suit individual requirements. Horizontal Plate Sparkler Filters is the most versatile filtration system for solid – liquid separation with high solid volumes. In Sparkler Filter Press Liquid is pumped throughout the central channel of the cartridge from the bottom of the body. Suspended particles are preserving on the filter media hidden on the filter plate. Clean filtrate emerges out from the marginal holes of the plate, into the tank and comes out from the bottom outlet. Filter tank wall does not come in contact with the un-filtered liquid, therefore remains clean.
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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of the massive range of horizontal plate sparkle filter housing, made from the best quality raw materials and with modern technology. The horizontal sparkle filter housing is designed to hold up Single pass filtration with no solid bypass Full batch recovery, no separate scavenging system is needed for the Uniform distribution of cake on each plate for Uniform filter bed formation.  Sparkler Filter Press consists of SS shell & top cover to give pressure tight enclosure and is widely used for Dewatering of mineral mining slurries, blood Plasma purification, Food and Beverages, Chemical Industries. We provide quality-assured products at affordable costs.

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