ETFE & PFA Coated Filter Housing

Our unique Cartridge and bag filter housings with Polymeric coating of ETFE & PFA have been used by high-purity chemical suppliers in the sub-micron filtration of high purity chemicals where PP , HDPE or rubber lining is not compatible

PFA / PTFE lined ASME 150 Filters and Strainers | TFI Filtration

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PVDF/HALAR/ETFE/FEP/PFA Coated Industrial Equipment in India

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of ETFA & PFA coated filter housing. ETFA & FPA coated filter housing is widely used in API, bulk Drug, Pesticide, Fluorine & Bromine Handling, Cryogenics Corrosion, Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical, Inorganic Chemical, Petrochemical, Surface treatments, Paper Industry, Powder Industry, Steel Industry, Bio Diesel Industry, Etc. The product ensures easy installation and is reusable in the production process. We provide a wide range of ETFA& PFA filter housings with special designs as per the consumer requirements; products are given at cost-effective prices and assure low maintenance cost. The quality of raw materials used enables us to be on top in the market for ETFE& PFA coated filter housings.

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