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Sintered Powder Filter Cartridge

Sintered metal powder filter cartridges are manufactured from a metal powder matrix compressed at nearly 7000 bar pressure and sintered at nearly 1200 deg C temperature. Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge are resistant to bacterial attack and compatible with a wide range of Chemicals. The Sintered metal powder has a limited porosity of 32 % and thickness of 2 mm – 3 mm and have excellent ductility to handle High Operating Pressures. Compare to other types of filter materials, such as stainless steel wire mesh, ceramics, glass fibers, filter paper, TFI Filtration sintered metal filters, Jacketed Vent Filter have higher mechanical and compressive strength. No matter in extremely high and low temperature familiarity, TFI Filtration sintered filter elements will supply you excellent filtration performance. Sintered powder filter element also named metal porous sintered filter is prepared of titanium or stainless steel powder. It is a latest style material for filtering. It fills stronger heat stress and concussion and can work in a superior temperature and corrupt medium. Sintered powder filter cartridge can offer particulate capture efficiencies of 99.9% or better using any surface or depth media. Operating temperature can be as high as 1000 °C, depending on the variety of metal alloy.
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We are the leading manufacturers of high-quality Sintered SS 316L stainless steel powdered filter cartridges. We provide Sintered SS 316L powdered filter cartridges which consist of great filtration capacity enough for the filtration process. Due to the presence of highly ductile and corrosion-less properties, the sintered SS powdered filter cartridges are widely used in hot gas-fuel & hydraulic oil, gas-liquid separation, oil, etc.  Sintered SS powdered filter cartridges are made from 316L stainless steel powder, woven and fiber mesh, used for filtration of high-temperature gases. The product ensures easy installation with a smooth finish; this is the reason for being the best in the market.

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