Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges

Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge

Resin Bonded filter cartridges have a unique, Proprietary two-stage filtration design to maximize particle retention and service life in viscous fluid filtration applications. Resin Bonded filter cartridges are manufactured from a fibre matrix of polyester, Acrylic or Cellulose with Phenolic or Melamine resin to create a solid highly durable & Porous structure. The resin Impregnation increases filter cartridge strength and eliminates residual debris associated with conventional or machined and grooved resin bonded filter cartridges that ensure a stronger cartridge that is less likely to collapse. The exclusive manufacturing process of our resin-bonded cartridge filter elements produces a rigid fixed-matrix structure with accurate graded-porosity. 

We have come forward as a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of superior quality Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges. These cartridges are manufactured using outstanding quality material like phenolic, cellulose fibers and rigid core less with the help of latest technology. also, these cartridges are used to handle fluid viscosities as elevated as 3200 cks and can withstand pressure surges up to 10 BAR. The existing Resin Bonded Filter Cartridges are utilize in chemical, water treatment, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and other industries

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Resin Bonded Filter Cartridge Exporter in Nigeria


We are the leading producer and supplier of a wide range of resin bonded filter cartridges.

Resin-bonded filter cartridges are made from high fiber cellulose intrinsically bonded to create a solid, highly durable, and porous structure. Resin-bonded filter cartridges are highly efficient, have better dirt retention, and long-lasting service life. Resin-bonded filter cartridges come with great dirt holding capacity and excellent flow for the low-pressure drop.  Resin-bonded filter cartridges are used in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, petrochemicals, cosmetics, water treatment, metal finishing, edible oil, mineral oil, paints and inks, resins, and gasoline, alcohols, photographic solutions, and etc. We manufacture this product with quality tested raw materials and supply at reasonable rates.TFI Filtration series cartridges are prepared of polyester and acrylic fibers with phenolic resin encapsulation to outline a rigid, fixed-matrix, depth filter with a graded porosity to exploit dirt-holding capacity

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