Single Cartridge & Multi Cartridges Filter Housings

Single Cartridge & Multi Cartridges Filter Housings

Single Cartridge Filter Housings are fabricated from SS304, SS316 and SS316L etc. varied material of construction. Housings are suitable to accommodate customised connection filter cartridges i.e. Both End Open Type, BSP/NPT threaded type and Code-VII adaptor type. Such housings are closed using TC clamp Closure or Eye Bolt Closure depending upon design pressure. Multi-cartridge housings are different than single housings. They hold more than one cartridge at the same timein the same chamber, allowing for higher flow rates and higher filter surface area. Multi cartridge filter housings are designed as per ASME SEC VII DIV-1 code as per pressure vessel calculations. We carry ASME code stamped and non-code stamped models as well as other special options to suit your filtration application.

TFI Filtration Stainless Steel Filter Housings - Multi-Cartridge Band Clamp Liquid Vessels

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Single cartridges and multi cartridges filter housing are two different types of filter housing cartridges. Due to our vast industrial experience, we are good at providing our clients with an enormous range of single cartridges used to carry out light acid applications; these cartridges come with low maintenance and are hassle-free. Single cartridges consume less time and are easy to install. Single cartridges consist of special designs for slurry applications. 

The multi-cartridge filter housing is used to fulfill industrial and commercial filtration needs. The surface is wetted from 316L stainless steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance. The multi-cartridge filter housing can accommodate 50 cartridges, to give the desired flow rate per consumer requirements. It consists of a wide range of flow capacities and contaminant holding capabilities. We provide first class product at cost effective price.

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