Filter media

Filter Media

Filter media are the portion of a filtering system that separates unwanted particles from the substance being filtered. The type of material used as a filter medium is dependent upon the material being filtered. Textile filter media which operate by surface filtration are monofilament yarns woven textiles. Filtration fineness is influenced by filter medium structure.
Our Filter fabrics are used widely for different application for filtration of air, Liquid and Dust.

Non-woven filter fabrics made of PP, systems for effective cake release & clear fluid processing. Our filter Medias are having High dust holding Polyester, Glass fiber, Cotton, Satin, Viscose etc. are most suitable for Pre filter Applications in Control panels etc. Woven filter cloths are used in Filter press, Pulverizer, Vacuum Drum, Vacuum Belt & Rotary drum filter capacity ensures long service life.

Glass fiber filter media is widely accepted for Paint Booth Filter media.

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