Single & Multi Bag Filter systems for liquid filtration

Bag filters are used for the clarification/filtration of fluids that have a relatively high loading of particles to be removed where Absolute filtration is not required. They are particularly Useful For Filtering Large Volume Of High Viscosity Liquids. Bag Filter is Constructed Of Filter Housing , Filter Bags , Internal cage to support Bags , Positive Sealing  arrangement , & Choice Of End Connection. The Internal Support ensures bags will not burst as High Differential Pressures Build Up During Operation. For applications with a flow rate greater than 50 m3/h it is possible to install several filter vessels in line, with the option of operating each filter individually thanks to a shut-off valve. This type of installation is preferred when flow interruption is not possible or when filtering with a cascade of filtration ratings. Filter housings each containing 3 to 24 bags. All bags must be changed at the same time while operating with high-volume batches.

Multi-bag filter housing - SRMS - TFI Filtration Companies - for liquids / stainless steel
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Features & Benefits​

    1. Fibre migration is minimized.
    2. In the unlikely event of bag rupture, the wire mesh holds the contaminant.



We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of single and multiple-bag filter systems. A single bag filter system is used to carry out small-scale applications. It uses a single filter bag to remove big/small dirt and debris from fluids. The single filter system is made from durable and absorbent materials. A multiple filter system is used to carry multiple bags at a time and is good at giving larger applications a high flow and can’t be shut. It has 50 times more flow than the single bag filter system. The plus point for multi-bag is that it keeps working while the bag is replaced, both have different uses, and no one can flat-out better than the other. We provide trusted quality products and can avail in huge quantities at cost-effective prices.

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