Porous Plastic Filter Cartridges

Porous Plastic Filter Cartridges

Porous Plastic filter cartridges are manufactured from Poly-propylene, Polystyrene, HDPE. Porous Plastic filter cartridges are manufactured from Poly-propylene, Polystyrene, HDPE. Porous Plastic has a limited porosity of 40 % and thickness of 10-20 mm and have self strength to get the cylindrical shape cartridges of customized Size.

The porous plastics Filter Cartridges, Sintered PP Filter Cartridge keep the physical property of intercepting its equivalent sold particle. The unique “zigzag filtration path” merge the characteristic of surface and deep porous plastic filters to produce high filtration efficiency. The porous plastic has exceptional elasticity, air tightness, high physical strength, and lightweight, offer firm and easily handled components that can realize the filtration rate of 99.8% and the temperature easiness is up to 110℃(230F°). According to all kinds of applications, a variety of products are provided to meet your different needs.

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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of porous plastic filter cartridges. Porous plastic filter cartridges are made by using Polyethylene and Polypropylene. The porous plastic filter cartridges have fine chemical compatibility, excellent filtration efficiency, and outstanding mobility in liquid and gas filtration. Porous plastic filter cartridges produce multiple cellular structures of interconnection and aperture ranges by controlling the distribution of granularity and accurate circulating temperature in the process of the sintered procedure like Sintered PP Filter Cartridge. Porous plastic filter cartridges consist of thousands of tiny pores, compatible to suit any fieldwork. The porous plastic filter cartridges have outstanding elasticity, air tightness, great physical strength, are lightweight, and can work in high temperatures. We manufacture this product with quality tested raw materials and provide it at reasonable prices.

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