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“TFI” polypropylene housings are available two versions : all polypropylene with matching polypropylene bowl, or with lower cost polycarbonate bowl. These housings are widely used in low pressure systems requiring low cost filters, with the good chemical resistance which polypropylene can provide. The transparent bowl allows visual monitoring of the element condition. Each housing is available with two drain options : Manual Twist Drain or without Drain. For liquid filtration we recommend using a version with no drain. CPVC filter housings are also offering Option to metal filter housing where material compatibility is an Issue like RO reject, brine or salty water filtration.  CPVC filter systems are economic Option against Fabricated FRP or PP lined filter housings.

Polypropylene Filter Housings Manufacturer in Manchester, UK
Polypropylene & Polycarbonate Filter Housings manufacturer in Bahrain

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Polycarbonate Filter Housing

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene polycarbonate filter housings. Use to filter gas and liquids and allow instant monitoring. It has a long-lasting service life, high tensile strength, and is resistant to corrosion. Polypropylene polycarbonate filter housings provide cost effective solutions in low-pressure applications where chemical resistance is sufficient. Polypropylene-polycarbonate filter housing consists of two drain options for liquid filtration; Manual Twist Drain or No Drain. Polypropylene polycarbonate filter housing has no metal contact surface and comes with low maintenance costs. We offer the best quality of polypropylene- polycarbonate filter housings at a reasonable price.

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