Self cleaning & Autobackwash filter systems

Self-cleaning filters are designed specifically to provide efficient filtration for liquids, including those of high viscosity, requiring continuous filtration without interruption to the flow during the cleaning process. There is no operator contact with the process fluid.  High-quality stainless-steel elements are highly effective in removing contaminant particles as small as 25 micron. The filter is available for either manual or fully automatic electric or pneumatic operation. The range of optional control devices makes it particularly suitable for continuous processes and for service with high contamination levels. Auto Back Wash type filters require separate backwash pump for auto back wash with Automation of valve using PLC controller. Or In place manual cleaning are also possible using valve arrangements.

Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter

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Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of self-cleaning and Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter made from filter housing, filter elements, drain valve, auto backwash valve, and PLC controller. The auto backwash filter system is used to separate solid particles from Gas, Oil, Water, and Waste Water Treatment plants. The automatic self-cleaning(backwash) filter system protects pipes and equipment from the erosion of wide-scale accumulation, excessive loss of water flow in the pumping system to reduce pollutant deposition, and nozzle plugging leading to poor pump efficiency. The automatic self-cleaning backwash filter system helps you reduce labor and water costs. The auto backwash filter system doesn’t need any manual flushing and cleaning. This is product is reusable and available at cost effective price.

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