Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Manufacturers

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters are designed to shield the gas turbine, generator, and equipment compartments from the effects of air-borne dirt, pollution and foreign objects. They use a three-section inlet air filter that mounts directly above the turbine area, conserving space and providing compact, low-pressure loss ducting to the turbine inlet. Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters protect the gas turbine from injurious debris in the ambient air, which can direct to issues such as FOD, erosion, stinking, and corrosion. They are designed with most modern design that is consistent for air intake applications. They have much better crease ability & dimensional stability. we are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters
High energy cost and demand worldwide have increased the focal point on energy efficiency in many industries and market sectors. Particularly, the Power Generation sector is driven by the need for affordable electricity Gas turbine Air Intake Filter Elements are mainly suited for all latest high performance gas turbines which are frequently subjected to great dusty, stormy and humid conditions. They are manufactured from Impregnated cellulose or synthetic blend filter media in all sizes and shapes for replacement market and also recommend economical, high-quality spare cartridges. Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters are used to recover the energy efficiency.GT Air Intake Filters are normally made up of a mixture of cellulose and polyester and occasionally 100% polyester media. Pleated area recommends high filtration area, efficiency and easy clean ability. TFI Filtration, Leading Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Manufacturers , Supplier, Exporter, Wholesaler, Retailer, Traders of GT Air Intake Filters from Uk, Bahrain, Qatar.

Features & Benefits of gas Turbine Air Intake Filters:

Technical Specification of Gas Turbine Air Intake Filters:

Sr. No.Diameter Of elementLength Of filter Element
1325 mm647 mm
2325 mm660 mm
3325 mm673 mm
4445 mm660 mm
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