Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc

Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc

We offer Multi-layer sintered mesh disc of various diameters for filtration function. These discs are used in HPLC columns, High pressure columns, Steam filtration applications, Gas Sparging applications, etc.. Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter disc is prepared of multi-layer sintered woven mesh – plain dutch weave and plain weave type. The multi-layer filter is extend beyond by sintering in the vacuum sintering furnace.

Do you need accurate filtration? If yes, then you need to have the basic concept of a Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc. What is worth appreciating is that sintered filter media is strong. It can be utilize to filter plastic melt with a large filter area, typically working in high pressure and high temperature environment.Now, we will go through the concept of a Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc in detail to get essential insight.

Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc Exporter in Qatar

This range is productively manufactured by our smart professionals with the utilization of quality approved bronze, stainless steel and titanium ball and pioneering technology. Our offered range is used in different fields like chemical, Petroleum, Metallurgy, Air Craft, Gas, Electronic, Pharmacy and etc.

Sinter filter disc prepared of multi-facet wire network is an ideal filter fitting having the capacity of filtering, washing, drying. The multi-facet filter is covered by sintering in the vacuum sintering furnace. This wire network defeats the issues of the low intensity, helpless unbending nature, and cross section flimsiness enough, deformity without any problem. Its general presentation is essentially higher than sintered metal powder, artistic, sintered metal fiber channel mat and different items. Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter disc is prepared of multi- layer sintered woven mesh- plain Dutch weave and plain weave type. As a vital type of sintered metal filer mesh, our sintered filter disc can be manufactured in split and integral type utilized for drying and filtering. Sintered filter disc plate with extensive service life for drying, gas and liquid filtering in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food industry and chemical fiber industry

Sintered stainless steel wire screen filter disc panel has the features as follow:

Resistance to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, acid, and alkali. High strength, high filters rating, good dirt holding capacity, repeated washing.

We can supply sintered mesh filter discs in the size:

  • Material: Monel wire and stainless steel AISI304, AISI316, AISI316L.
  • Diameter: 10 mm to 3000 mm.
  • Filter Rate: 2 microns to 300 microns.
  • Thickness: 1 mm to 5 mm.
  • Heat resistance: -200 °c – 600 °c continuous filtration.


  • Materials:SUS316L, nickel alloy or titanium alloy are also available as per customers requirement.
  • Filtration rating:5 – 200 micron.
  • Diameter:200 – 3000mm.
  • Thickness:7mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm


  • Filtering of Solid & Liquid
  • Filtering of Liquid & Gas
  • Filtering of Gas & Solid
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