Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter

Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter, Automatic Backwash Filter for industrial filtration

A self-cleaning Filter (or self-cleaning filter) is a type of water filter which utilizes system pressure to clean itself. TFI Filtration Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter will remove unnecessary particles from a water source in the 5-4,000 micron range and at flow rates variety from 10gpm up to many thousands of gpm in large applications. Self Cleaning Water Filter save users money on water, energy, and maintenance and equipment replacement. They are often referred to as automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter because unlike many systems, the technology requires no routine maintenance. For example, an automatic self-cleaning Water Filter will not require regular change outs and system shutdowns like a bag or cartridge filter. Click here to compare self-cleaning strainers to other filter technologies including sand filters and separators. In a self-cleaning water filter, basic annual inspection (depending on particle load) replaces the need for daily, weekly or monthly shutdowns. TFI Filtration Automatic Self Cleaning Water Filter is used to protect pipes and a wide range of downstream equipment. Without sufficient filtration, pipes obtain scale buildup causing an increase in the energy necessary to pump system water. Automatic self-cleaning filters are a type of filter used for eliminating pollutants from water. As a result, these filters can be found in water circulation systems such as sewage treatment plants and water treatment facilities. These filters clean themselves by utilizing the difference in water pressure. Water goes from the input to the filtering element inside the filter in this type of filter. Contaminants bigger than the pores of the filter element are trapped at the filter element. This practice is repeated until there is a change in water pressure. At this stage, air-operated valves open, redirecting a portion of the water flow back through the pores of the filter components. This is commonly referred to as backwashing. The water flushes the impurities that have collected on the element in this manner. This process is done several times, allowing the self-cleaning filter to clean itself.


  • This is a competitive piece of filter equipment that can be used for the removal of suspended solids.
  • Minimal flush water (less than 5% of the total flow) is used for a short period of time for the cleaning process.
  • This extends the life, performance and efficiency of downstream bag and/or cartridge filters and/or protect other equipment.
  • Wide filtration range.
  • The filter flushes according to a preset differential pressure and/or a preset time. This ensures an uninterrupted flow and continuous filtration during cleaning of the filter screen.
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully automatic operation


  • Surface Water Intake
  • Water Injection
  • RO prefiltration
  • Cooling Water
  • General Process Water
  • Pipeline Flushing

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