Industrial Filter Cartridges

Industrial level cartridge filter- design, quality and its description! Industrial Filter Cartridges offer by us capture solid contaminants on the outer surfaces of the filter media. These can be utilizing for a extensive range of applications where sub-micron filtration is needed. These include beverage and food manufacture facilities, chemical and paint plants, and applications where …

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Dust Collector Filter Bags

Tfi Filter manufactures high efficiency, filter bags for dust collector bags that fit a variety of pulse jet baghouses and other dust collection systems. The skilled efforts of several professionals involved in the unit enable us to make a qualitative range of dust collector filter bags as per the specified industrial requirements of valuable consumers …

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Disposable Capsule Filters

Sterile and Non-Sterile Disposable Capsule Filters We are one of leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Disposable Capsule Filters. These filters exhibit a scope of various properties and are utilized within numerous industries including pharmaceutical, water and chemical procedures. The disposable capsule filter is an independent unit collected of a creased channel medium canvassed in a …

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PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

PP Pleated Filter Cartridge Pleated filter cartridges offer better dirty holding capacity and high removal due to their multiple layered structures. All polypropylene components and thermal bonded manufacturing allow the smallest contaminant extraction and higher durability.  TFI Filtration PP Pleated filter cartridges offer a long life cycle to use in critical filtration applications within food, pharma, biotech, etc. …

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Best Air Vent Filters

Choosing the Best Air Vent Filter for Your Home in the UK TFI is the leading manufacturers and supplier of the best range of air vent filters. Air vent filters are highly recommended for various industrial and residential air purification purposes. The main work of the air vent filter is to prevent the air from dust …

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Sintered Powder Filter Disc

Manufacturer & Exporters of Powder Sintered Filter Disc, Sintered Powder Cartridge, Industrial Metal Filter Cartridges, Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges in UK In addition to filtration, porous metal discs are used in for many special applications. Very small discs, referred to as frits, are utilized in Chromatography columns. Sintered Powder Filter Disc are used as spargers and as fluidizing …

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Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc Exporter in Qatar

Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc

Sintered Multi Layer Filter Disc We offer Multi-layer sintered mesh disc of various diameters for filtration function. These discs are used in HPLC columns, High pressure columns, Steam filtration applications, Gas Sparging applications, etc.. Stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter disc is prepared of multi-layer sintered woven mesh – plain dutch weave and plain weave type. The multi-layer filter …

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Sintered PP Filter Cartridge

Definition of PTFE Sintered PP Filter Cartridge Sintering is a procedure for making articles from its base material in powder form. They are made by mixing elemental or alloy powders and compacting the mixture in a die, the resultant shapes are then sintered or heated in a controlled atmosphere furnace to bond the particles. Sintered PP …

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