Coalescing Compressed Air Filters

Coalescing Compressed Air Filters– cleaning up air

TFI Filtration is leading Coalescing Compressed Air Filters Manufacturer. Coalescing Filter offer by our company, is a device used to separate vapors, liquids, soluble particles, or oil from some other fluid during a coalescing effect. We are Best Manufacturer & Exporter of Coalescing Compressed Air FiltersThe filter consists of some progressive layers which perform specific functions; from separating solid particles to liquid molecules from a gas flow. The filter for natural gas separate water vapor and other particulates to improve product purity. Coalescing Filter utilized installed in housing with three ports, the wet gas sample passes though element inside to outside.

We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of coalescing compressed air filters. Combining filters are utilized for eliminating water and aerosols. Small drops are trapped in a filter media and converged into larger droplets that are then removed from the filter. A re-entrainment barrier keeps these droplets from reappearing the air. The vast majority of the liquid coalescing filters eliminate is water and oil. These filters also eliminate particulates from compacted air, catching them inside the filter media, which can lead to pressure drops if not changed regularly. Coalescing filters eliminate most contaminants well indeed, diminishing particulate levels down to 0.1 micron in size and liquids down to 0.01 ppm. A mist eliminator is a minimal expense option in contrast to a coalescing filter. While it doesn’t deliver similar level of filtration as combining filters, a mist eliminator offers a more modest strain drop (around 1 psi), permitting systems to work at lower pressure, thus saving money on energy costs. These are ordinarily best utilized with liquid condensate and sprayers in lubricated compressor systems.


  • Bulk liquid removal at any
  • point in a compressed air system
  • Protection to membrane and
  • desiccant dryer pre filtration
  • Liquid removal from compressor inter-coolers / after coolers
  • Liquid separation within
  • refrigeration dryers

Coalescing Filter Stages :

A coalescing filter works based on the following 4 stages:

  • Air Intake
  • Filtration Process
  • Coalescing of Particles
  • Air Outlet

Advantages of Using Coalescing Filters:

Here is some Advantagses of installing a coalescing filter in your compressed air system:

  • Ability to customize the coalescing filter or improve existing filters
  • extremely efficient and can be utilized in the filtration process of a variety of fluids
  • Micron ratings that are proficient of producing up to 99.99% levels of efficiency
  • reduce maximum amount of liquid and solid particles from air systems for pure air
  • reduce expenses of operations & maintenance of air compressors
  • Wide surface areas which can decrease pressure drop and increase effectiveness
  • make sure that downstream equipment are safe from risky contaminants
  • Efficient filtration system that lasts longer than usual thus reducing downtime and maintenance cost 

Disadvantages of Coalescing Filters :

There are a few restrictions that may offer you with setbacks:

  • Initial costs of purchasing and installing coalescing filters can be quite high
  • substitute the coalescing filter will of course cost you
  • The spongy bed deterioration will lead to a require of eliminating the heavy hydrocarbons and allowing them to build up

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