All About Our Hot Gas Filters

TFI Filtration Hot Gas Filter : Improving your Filtration Processes

We are prominent manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of high temperature ceramic gas filters. Ceramic filters as industry knows them best are often called “candle” because of their solid tube shape. They have been a fasten of air pollution control for decades. The original ceramic filters were manufactured from refractory grains such as alumina and pressed into the basic shape – a tube with a closed, rounded bottom and a flange at the top. The high temperature filters utilized in the Ultracat are very various in their design, service life and multi pollutant functionality. They are also vigorous and self- supporting without any filter cages.  The high temperature Ceramic Gas filters start as a slurry of obstinate fibers and are vacuum framed into shape. They are exceptionally lightweight, roughly 90% open with much lower pressure drop.  High temperature filters should work over the buildup temperature of water fume. Liquid water doesn’t damage the filters however represses activity. The diagram underneath shows normal working temperatures for the ceramic filters. The capacity to work up to 1650°F offers extraordinary freedoms for the evacuation of PM and different contaminations preceding a hotness recuperation device, diminishing functional issues related with stopping and fouling, dissimilar to a typical texture filter.

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